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    For its Board of Trustees, The Document Foundation offers a communication service under the domain. Currently, these are:

    • an e-mail address with a fully-featured IMAP account with shared folder options, alternatively an e-mail forwarder

    Those services are provided free of charge to all members of The Document Foundation, and are made possible with the generous help of our supporters, whom we'd like to thank on behalf of the community! The professional e-mail accounts, supporting server-side filtering, shared folders and webmail access, are hosted by the mail server experts of Heinlein Support.

    Application and Eligibility

    The services are subject to a policy, available in German and as English translation.

    Members will not automatically have their accounts created, but can have them setup by sending a simple e-mail. To do so, please write to, stating that you accept the policy above. In the very same e-mail, please let us know which service(s) you would like to use, and the desired username. Shortly thereafter, we will confirm your account by e-mail. You can always have individual services enabled or disabled later on, as you see fit.

    Here's an example message:

    Subject: account for Lastname, Firstname
    I, Lastname, Firstname, hereby confirm that I have read and understood
    the policy for using addresses at
    (English translation at
    and accept it.
    I would like to have an e-mail account with a preferred username of "user123".

    Note: Please replace Lastname, Firstname with your last and first name, and user123 with your desired username.

    Setup guide

    Find below the setup guide and configuration settings for the various services. Be advised that all services have different passwords for the respective accounts.

    E-mail boxes and e-mail forwarders

    For receiving e-mail, the IMAP protocol is used.

    • Hostname:
    • Username:
    • Port: 993
    • Encryption: SSL

    For sending e-mail, SMTP via the (secure) submission port is used.

    • Hostname:
    • Username:
    • Port: 465
    • Encryption: SSL

    Alternatively, you can use port 143 for IMAP and/or 587 for SMTP. In that case you'll also need to set the encryption option value to STARTTLS (it might be called just TLS on your system).

    Per default, your account is configured as IMAP mailbox. You can configure it to forward messages to an existing address via the control panel as outlined below. Should you intend to send out mass mailings, please get in touch with us before. This needs separate approval from TDF, and a special server to be used in order to not get blocked automatically.


    You can also access your mail account via Use your full mail address ( for the login. The webmail system also enables you to create server-side mail filtering using a Sieve script.

    Note that you can NOT change your password via webmail. Instead, refer to the control panel as explained below.

    Control panel

    To access the configuration of your mailbox, including the option to forward your account to an existing e-mail address, or to change your password, please access the control panel at Use your full mail address ( for the login.


    In case you experience problems, please contact Sophie at

    For internal use

    The following is the text sent out to new account holders.

    thank you very much for your acceptance of the e-mail policy. The accounts requested have been set-up. In case of e-mail, should you have requested this service, the password is
    Please IMMEDIATELY change your password to something safe. Instructions on how to set up your accounts, as well as how to login to the control panel to change your password, is available at MailAccounts#Setup guide
    Please note that the passwords for the services need to be changed individually. Every service can have a different password.
    In case of questions or problems, feel free to write directly to
    Enjoy the new service!
 email addresses

    Only TDF officers and employee are entitled to a email address, plus volunteers representing TDF towards the public (e.g. spokespersons, sysadmins) on an as-needed basis. We will get in contact with you if you need one.