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The Information or Website architectureWikipedia logo v3.svg and Structure of the site is the way that the website becomes cohesive and intuitive for the end user.

Topics are categorised under relevant headings and people are able to navigate intuitively and encourage participation by ensuring all relevant information is in one location.

Improved IA proposal User:Wheatbix  - Part of the longer term website project, partially adopted by the Silverstripe development also. Discussed on mailing list at length

Current IA

Please do not change below without agreement from the website mailing list and confirmation of the change on the live site.

  • WWW
    • Why for home?
    • Why for business?
    • Why for Government?
    • Why for Education
    • Why for NFP and NGO
  • News
  • Download
    • Downloading Instructions
    • Release Notes
    • New Features and fixes
    • LGPL Licence
  • Features
    • Writer
    • Calc
    • Impress
    • Draw
    • Base
    • Math
    • Extensions
    • Templates
    • New Features/Fixes
  • Get Help
    • Mailing Lists
    • FAQ
    • General
    • Licencing
    • Installation
    • Windows
    • Mac
    • Linux
    • Documentation
    • System Requirements
    • Accessability
  • Get Involved
    • Developers
    • QA
    • UX/Visual design
    • Localizers
    • Documenters
    • Marketers
    • Web Admins
    • Donors
  • Developers (Double up on item - links to 'Get Involved - Developers')
  • International Sites
  • About Us
    • Credits
    • LGPL Licence (Double up - links to 'Download - LGPL Licence')
  • Legal Info
  • Thanks (Not in primary Menu structure)
  • Privacy Policy (Not in primary menu structure)

Proposals for Improvement

Please add your reviews and proposed improvements here or on the mailing list

Proposal - User:Name

Proposal by Christoph

(to be done, some first ideas below)

  • Primary Target Users: End-Users, Small Businesses, Potential Contributors
  • Sub-Goals:
    • Especially target software developers until the developer support has been stabilized
    • Show that this is an international project
  • Constraints:
    • Use two-level navigation (max)
    • Avoid jumps between pages --> strict hierarchical grouping
  • Assumptions:
    • Action links can be used, e.g. for Referring to Latest Features
    • "Call for Developer" on the Welcome page
  • Ideas:
    • After detecting the OS for the download --> refer to corresponding OS installation instructions