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    Guide - How to use the Ask site?

    Top overview of the Ask page

    Introduction / Basics

    The community welcomes you.

    Before you ask your first question, please read the FAQ

    Purpose of this site

    The site serves as a platform for sharing questions and answers.

    It allows LibreOffice community members to come together to ask and answer questions about LibreOffice TDF and related topics.

    Here is explained how you can use the Ask page.

    If you want to ask questions or write answers go to the home page with preset category "English"

    Setting the language

    You can set the language to suit your needs.

    To do this, you must be logged in to

    Click on your user logo (this is a round colored circle with the first letter of your user name or with your picture or avatar) at the top right of the page.

    You will see a selection similar to that shown in Image 1.

    Click on the person symbol and select Preferences (Preferences is the default setting in English); Image 2.

    In the next step, scroll down a little and click on "Interface" on the left.

    The "Interface language" is preset to "(default)"; Image 3.

    Click on the arrow to the right to see the selection of languages.

    Scroll down and select "English (US)‟ or „English (UK)"; Image 4.

    After selecting the language, scroll down a little further and click on the blue Save Changes button.

    You have now selected the language and can return to the start page using the back button in your Internet browser.

    Are there any answers to my question yet?

    Please search the website before asking a question.

    To do so, please use the search box.

    Click on the Search icon.

    There you enter a search term, e.g. "Calc".

    You will be presented with a Drop-down list where you can search for and select similar questions.

    Display according to the entered term.

    If there is nothing for you, ask a new question.

    Ask a question

    Create a new Topic dialog

    To do this, click on + New topic in the top bar.

    The "Create a new topic" dialog appears.

    In the "Type title, or paste a link here" line, enter as short a title as possible for the question.

    In any case, avoid entering the entire content of your question in the "Title" line.

    If you create your question in the "English" category, "English" will appear automatically.

    To the right of "Select at least 1 item", you can select one or more keywords, e.g. "Writer", "Crash", etc.

    In the question description, you can and should provide detailed information about your question.

    Your details should also reflect what you are trying to accomplish.

    Within the question opened for editing you can work with the following modifications:

    possible Modifications
    • Quote hole post
    • Strong
    • Emphasis
    • Hyperlink
    • Blockquote
    • Preformatted text
    • Upload
    • Buletted List
    • Numbered List
    • Toggle Direction
    • Emoji
    • Insert date / time
    • Hide Details / Build Proll

    Please do not use references or comparisons to other software packages.

    Most of the answerers do not know them, since you have mostly been working with LibreOffice for many years.

    Also, please do not use acronyms that are not commonly known.

    Avoid writing entire sentences in capital letters, this is generally interpreted as shouting.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    More details

    Version Informations
    get version informations

    Please be sure to specify your operating system, LibreOffice version (at least 3 digits with dots, e.g. 7.1.3) and the file formats used.

    If LibreOffice can still be started, you can enter the following information (here only as an example)

    by copying Help ▸ About LibreOffice from the menu.

    In the following dialog click on the button next to "Version information".

    Your informations will be saved to the clipboard of your computer system and you can use it to complete your description for the question.

    Depending on the question, further information may be required, such as:

    • other file formats
    • printer and type
    • interfaces
    • network connections, etc.

    according to your question.

    Functional requirements and bugs


    The Ask page provides user support only.
    It is not the place to ask for improvements or about bugs.

    Feature requests

    Therefore, you should submit feature requests directly in Bugzilla as Enhancements.

    The Bugzilla site is the best place to make your voice heard by developers.

    It requires an account (OK, another one needs to be created), but that's a small price to pay to have a say in improving the suite.


    You can first search Bugzilla to see if there is already an entry for your bug.

    Otherwise, you should enter your bug directly into Bugzilla.

    However, if you are not sure if you are facing a bug, you can ask a question on the Ask page, to ask other users if anyone can reproduce this bug on their end.

    If you don't want to create a new account in the Bugzilla system, ask if another user can report the bug.

    What counts as a bug?
    * Program crashes
    * Loss of features of a previous version of LibreOffice
    * Performance issues (slow loading/processing; judder; operations taking longer than in a previous version of LibreOffice).
    * Unexpected behavior (note: this item may be subjective).

    Filing with Bugzilla

    When submitting, the keyword "perf" should be added.

    How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice

    Private information

    If you have private legal or security questions regarding LibreOffice or the LibreOffice project, please email us or .

    How do I add to my question?

    As a questioner, you edit the original question to add and clarify something.

    To do this, click the Pencil icon just below your question.

    Alternatively, you can also write a comment.

    Within the question opened for editing you can work with the following modifications:

    possible Modifications
    • Quote hole post
    • Strong
    • Emphasis
    • Hyperlink
    • Blockquote
    • Preformatted text
    • Upload
    • Buletted List
    • Numbered List
    • Toggle Direction
    • Emoji
    • Insert date / time
    • Hide Details / Build Proll

    Write an answer

    Write an answer to the question in such a way that it is also generally understandable.

    An answer should always contain a solution or at least a workaround.

    For other things, such as questions or additional information, please use the comment function.

    The top bar

    The top bar

    In the top bar on the left is the LibreOffice logo.

    If you click on it, you will see a page with all categories in a summarized overview.

    With the Search icon you initiate the search.

    Next to it is the "Switch to another topic list or category" icon.

    The top table header of the page

    The top table header of the page

    In the top table header you can see the category, e.g. "English".

    If you click on it you can select another category.

    The selection of keywords follows.

    Click on the small arrow.

    In the Drop-down list you can search for a keyword or select a keyword.

    In the next selection field you can choose the questions to be displayed according to the category "all", "solved" or "unsolved".

    In the next field you can switch between "Latest" and "Top".

    On the right side you can click on "+ New topic" to ask a new question.

    On the far right is the bell icon.

    Click on it to set the watch mode and read what it means.


    There you can choose between "Watching", "Tracking", "Watch first post", "Normal" and "Muted".