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    Tweak the desktop UI to fit the Android HIG.


    call for proposals analyzing proposals design taking shape implementation in progress implemented


    In Scope Out of Scope
    • Replace the menu bar, status bar, scrollbar
    • Simplify or replace dialogs
    • Resize clickable areas to work well with touch input
    • Should work well even with the keyboard shown on 1280x600 screens in landscape mode
    • Create new functionality




    • Drew: A tablet user. He needs LibreOffice to handle touch input well and would like the suite to feel native.


    Proposal by Mirek2


    Replacing the File and View menus

    The File and View menus should be integrated into the action bar.

    Replacing the Insert menu

    One idea is to implement the insert bar.

    Replacing the Format and Table menu

    The idea here is to integrate these actions into the contextual action bar (CAB).

    Replacing the Tools menu

    The Tools menu includes a variety of actions, each of which needs a different place. "Language for Paragraph" and "Language for Selection" belong under the CAB. "Language for All Text" and "Word count" belong under the action bar overflow, as they apply to the document in general. "Options" also belongs under the action bar overflow, as it applies to the application.

    Replacing formatting dialogs

    Formatting actions belong in the CAB, so the goal would be to bring as many formatting actions from dialogs into toolbars.

    In order to have a CAB for page formatting, we need a way to select pages -- with the page handle, possibly?

    Replacing the "Find and Replace" dialog

    To get replace the Find and Replace dialog, we could merge it with Navigator and the page/slide pane into a single pane for getting around.

    Replacing the "Manual break" dialog

    This dialog allows you to add a page break, a line break, and a column break. It also allows a user to choose the page style and page number should he go with a page break.

    An inline "Add page" button could replace the "Page break" functionality from this dialog. Choosing the page style and number would be done from a CAB (see above).

    Adding a column break could be done simply by tapping inside a blank column.

    We don't have to replace "Line break", as the Android keyboard already has this button.

    Replacing drop down split buttons

    We could implement pull-down buttons or simply turn split buttons into either buttons or drop-down menus.

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