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This page is a translated version of the page Development/Acronyms and the translation is 50% complete.
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Há uma grande quantidade de siglas (acrônimos) no LibreOffice que será desconhecido para novos desenvolvedores. Por favor, adicione-os quando você se deparar com eles.

Os gerais / não utilizados aqui

  • a11y - Accessibility
  • SDBC - Star DataBase Connectivity

Rótulos de Subsistema

  • SAL - System Abstraction Layer
    • for additional confusion there are 2 of these:
      • "sal" is the lowest-level OS abstraction and runtime library, which also contains OSL and RTL
      • "SAL" is a part of VCL that abstracts different window systems (lots of classes with "Sal" prefix)
  • VCL - Visual Class Library
  • RTL - RunTime Layer
  • OSL - Operating System (abstraction) Layer - Camada (abstração) do Sistema Operacional
  • Sw - StarWriter
  • UNO - Universal Network Objects
  • URE - UNO Runtime Environment
  • Sc - StarCalc
  • Sd - StarDraw (since the code is shared, also used for Impress)
  • Sm - StarMath
  • Sv - StarView
    • Svx - StarView eXtended functionality
    • Svtools or svt - StarView tools
  • Sfx - Star Framework