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EasyHacks Keywords

EasyHacks are kept as bugs on Bugzilla and categorized using Keywords to be easy to query.

   difficultyBeginner, easyHack, skillCpp, topicCleanup

Basic Keywords

Keyword Description
needsDevEval A task that is thought of to be easy to hack, but has not been checked by a developer to not contain nasty surprises. Optional if used, the easyHack will not show up in the different lists.
easyHack A task that has been checked by a developer not to contain any obvious nastiness. This tag should be given only by developers who are reasonably confident in the codebase to make that judgement.

Keywords used to group the Easyhacks

All these keywords are Demanded. Following the first guideline from "The Cathedral and the Bazaar"Wikipedia logo v3.svg

"Every good work of software starts by scratching a developer's personal itch."

this helps hackers to find their personal itch to scratch.


keyword description
difficultyBeginner A task that require little to no knowledge of the project to get started: comment translation, comment removal, search and replace tasks.
difficultyMedium A task that requires actual thinking and problem solving.
difficultyInteresting A task that requires some knowledge of a specific part of the project and is usually challenging for beginners.


keyword description
skillCpp Requires C/C++ coding
skillDebug Requires C/C++ debugging
skillDesign Requires C/C++ debugging
skillJava Requires Java coding
skillJavaScript Requires JavaScript coding
skillLibObasic Requires LibreOffice Basic coding, mainly for maintenance of Extensions
skillPython Requires Python coding
skillScript Related to scripting and/or build system (Shell, git, Perl, Python, make ...)
skillSQL Related to SQL relational databases
skillUno Requires UNO framework knowledge
skillVcl Requires Vcl UI toolkit knowledge


keyword description
topicUI Is about visible changes to the product.
topicCleanup Is about refactoring without changing behavior.
topicDebug Is about debugging and development tools (gdb, valgrind, unit tests ...).
topicWeb Is about improving web pages and services around LibreOffice and The Document Foundation
topicQA Is about testing and Quality Assurance