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This page is here to help you when you're Creating a new Easy Hack.

The Basics

New EasyHacks should be created by developers, who really can estimate the easiness. When you are creating one, just:

Make sure that the description you provide contains pointers to the code, and detailed description what to achieve. Please have in mind that the people working on the Easy Hacks have never seen the LibreOffice code base before. Good Easy Hacks usually look like:
In order to improve XY, we need to change AB to CD. Most of the code to do that is in file ugh/blah/bleh.cxx (search for Class::ThisMethod()), but you also have to 'git grep UseOfAnotherMethod', and in the files that match change THIS to THAT.
  • Check the Add me to CC list button if you are not the submitter or not already on the CC List of the bug, to be sure you can help if someone adds a question as comment to the bug. In addition, put in CC for the bug.
  • Done :-)