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Function name:



Financial Analysis


Returns the depreciation of an asset for a specified period using the fixed-declining balance method.

This form of depreciation is used if you want to get a higher depreciation value at the beginning of the depreciation (as opposed to linear depreciation). The depreciation value is reduced with every depreciation period by the depreciation already deducted from the initial cost.


DB(Cost; Salvage; Life; Period; Month)



Cost is the initial cost of an asset.

Salvage is the value of an asset at the end of the depreciation.

Life defines the period over which an asset is depreciated.

Period is the length of each period. The length must be entered in the same date unit as the depreciation period.

Month (optional) denotes the number of months for the first year of depreciation. If an entry is not defined, 12 is used as the default.

Additional details:


A computer system with an initial cost of 25,000 currency units is to be depreciated over a three year period. The salvage value is to be 1,000 currency units. One period is 30 days.

=DB(25000;1000;36;1;6) = 1,075.00 currency units

The fixed-declining depreciation of the computer system is 1,075.00 currency units.

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