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Converts text with characters from a number system to a positive integer in the base radix given. The radix must be in the range 2 to 36. Spaces and tabs are ignored. The Text field is not case-sensitive.

If the radix is 16, a leading x or X or 0x or 0X, and an appended h or H, is disregarded. If the radix is 2, an appended b or B is disregarded. Other characters that do not belong to the number system generate an error.


DECIMAL("Text"; Radix)



Text is the text to be converted. To differentiate between a hexadecimal number, such as A1 and the reference to cell A1, you must place the number in quotation marks, for example, "A1" or "FACE".

Radix indicates the base of the number system. It may be any positive integer between 2 and 36.

Additional details:


=DECIMAL("17";10) returns 17.

=DECIMAL("FACE";16) returns 64206.

=DECIMAL("0101";2) returns 5.

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