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Function name:



Financial Analysis


Returns the arithmetic-declining depreciation rate.


SYD(Cost; Salvage; Life; Period)



Cost is the initial cost of an asset.

Salvage is the value of an asset after depreciation.

Life is the period fixing the time span over which an asset is depreciated.

Period defines the period for which the depreciation is to be calculated.

Additional details:

Use this function to calculate the depreciation amount for one period of the total depreciation span of an object. Arithmetic declining depreciation reduces the depreciation amount from period to period by a fixed sum.


A video system initially costing 50,000 currency units is to be depreciated annually for the next 5 years. The salvage value is to be 10,000 currency units. You want to calculate depreciation for the first year.

=SYD(50000;10000;5;1)=13,333.33 currency units. The depreciation amount for the first year is 13,333.33 currency units.

To have an overview of depreciation rates per period, it is best to define a depreciation table. By entering the different depreciation formulas available in LibreOffice Calc next to each other, you can see which depreciation form is the most appropriate. Enter the table as follows:

1 Initial Cost Salvage Value Useful Life Time Period Deprec. SYD
2 50,000 currency units 10,000 currency units 5 1 13,333.33 currency units
3 2 10,666.67 currency units
4 3 8,000.00 currency units
5 4 5,333.33 currency units
6 5 2,666.67 currency units
7 6 0.00 currency units
8 7
9 8
10 9
11 10
13 >0 Total 40,000.00 currency units

The formula in E2 is as follows:


This formula is duplicated in column E down to E11 (select E2, then drag down the lower right corner with the mouse).

Cell E13 contains the formula used to check the total of the depreciation amounts. It uses the SUMIF function as the negative values in E8:E11 must not be considered. The condition >0 is contained in cell A13. The formula in E13 is as follows:


Now view the depreciation for a 10 year period, or at a salvage value of 1 currency unit, or enter a different initial cost, and so on.

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