Getting Access to the New LibreOffice Documentation Cloud Service

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Getting a login in The Document Foundation NextCloud service

If you are new to the LibreOffice community and want to collaborate in our documentation effort, please introduce yourself to the documentation list and tell us why you want to contribute as well as your skills in LibreOffice.

Step one

If you have not yet done, subscribe to the documentation mailing list Discussions list for people working on LibreOffice documentation and the LibreOffice help system.

Step two

After your introduction to the documentation community through the mailing list above, it is time to get access to the Foundation's NextCloud service that stores our files. Please access User registration page and proceed to register for a login.

Step three

Contact documentation at libreoffice dot org to inform your user id and to proceed with getting access to the LibreOffice Documentation folders in Nextcloud.

Note: For the moment, the access of the source documents in NextCloud is granted on a case by case basis.

Step Four

Once the access is granted to the LibreOffice Documentation folders in Nextcloud, you will see it in your root directory of the Files app.

You may also use the tip explained here using the Nextcloud client in your desktop or tablet.