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When you are working on a chapter, please place your initials (or your wiki user ID) in the appropriate column of the tables below. When you are done, please add the date when you returned the file to ODFAuthors.

Updating books for LO version 6.0

You can read a summary of the new/changed features since 5.2 here and start updating the books as needed. Remember: if the book was last updated for a version earlier than 5.1, you ALSO need to include additions and changes from the intermediate versions, not just the changes from v5.1.

This page lists known topics that need to be added to the various books to bring them up to date. Feel free to add notes on that page.

Getting Started Guide

The most recent published edition of this book was for LO v5.2. All chapters are now complete, although more review for technical accuracy is always needed.

The next version of this book is for LibreOffice 6.0.

Status of tasks - GS - LO v6.0

Chapter Draft Reviewed Edit/proof Cleanup Published Checkout
Preface 20180210DCB
1 Introducing LO 20170906OH
2 Setting Up LO 2170926OH
3 Styles & Templates   20170814PF
4 Writer 20170921DCB
5 Calc 20171004PF
6 Impress 20171007DCB
7 Draw 20170906PF 20170901DCB
8 Base
9 Math 20170904PF
10 Printing
11 Graphics 20170913PF
12 HTML Files 20170917DCB
13 Macros
14 Customizing LO 20170823JR
A Shortcuts
B Open Source
Covers 20170921DCB

Writer Guide

The most recent edition of this book is for v5.4. Files are on ODFAuthors in the "Writer Guide Published LO5.4" folder and on this wiki.

The next edition of this book will be for LO v6. Jean Weber is working on this update.

The v5.4 edition of the book was reorganized from the v4.2 version, rewritten in parts, and updated to v5.4. The V6 book uses the v5.4 book as its basis for updating.

Status of tasks - WG - LO v6.x

Chapter Draft/updated Reviewed Edit/proof Cleanup Published Checkout
Preface JHW
1 Intro JHW
2 Text Basics JHW
3 Text Advanced JHW
4 Format Text JHW
5 Format Pages Basics JHW
6 Format Pages Advanced   JHW
7 Printing JHW
8 Intro Styles JHW
9 Work with Styles JHW
10 Templates JHW
11 Images JHW
12 Lists JHW
13 Tables JHW
14 Mail Merge JHW
15 TOCS Indexes Biblios JHW
16 Master Docs JHW
17 Fields JHW
18 Forms JHW
19 Spreadsheets JHW
20 Setup JHW
21 Customizing JHW


Calc Guide

The LO v3.3, v3.4, and v4.1 editions of this book have been published. Next book should be done for v5.3. PeterS has updated chapters 1 and 2 to v4.4; further updates to those chapters should start there. Other chapters have not been updated past v4.1.

Note that in addition to making text changes related to new and changed features of the software, some chapters also need improvement in wording, topics covered, and consistent screenshots.

Status of tasks - CG 5.3

Chapter Draft/updated Reviewed Edit/proof Cleanup Published Checkout
1 Intro
2 Enter Edit
  Format Data
3 Charts and
4 Styles and
5 Graphics
6 Printing
7 Formulas
  and Functions
8 Pivot Tables
9 Data Analysis
10 Linking
  Calc Data
11 Sharing
  and Reviewing
12 Calc Macros
13 Simple
14 Customizing
A Shortcuts
B Function
C Error Codes

Impress Guide

Versions of this book for LO 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.2 have been published.

Status of tasks - LO v5.0

Chapter Draft/updated Reviewed Edit/proof Cleanup Published Checkout
1 Intro
2 Slide Masters
3 Text
4 Pictures
5 Manage Objects
6 Format Objects
7 Spreadsheets
8 Slides, Notes,
9 Slide Shows
10 Customizing
A Shortcuts

Draw Guide

Editions of this book for LO 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 4.1, and 4.3 have been published.

Status of tasks - LO v5.0

Chapter Draft/updated Reviewed Edit/proof Cleanup Published Checkout
1 Intro
2 Basic Shapes
3 Objects
4 Object Attributes
5 Combining
6 Edit Pictures
7 3D Objects
8 Flowcharts
9 Text
10 Printing
11 Advanced

Math Guide

Editions of this book for LO 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 4.0, and 4.4 have been published. No updated version for v4.1, 4.2, or 4.3.

Status of tasks - v5.x

Chapter Draft/updated Reviewed Edit/proof Cleanup Published Checkout
Full book


Base Guide

Dan Lewis has been coordinating work on this book. It is stanned due to lack of volunteers to work on it. We have discussed combining it with the Base Handbook (see below), translated from German.

NOTE: Draft chapters and an outline for the book are on the ODFAuthors website.

Status of tasks

Chapter Draft/updated Reviewed Edit/proof Cleanup Published Checkout
1 Introducing Base DL 29 Dec 2013 JHW 5 Jan 2014 DEL 12 NOV 2015
2 Planning/Designing your Database DL 07 Nov 2013 JHW 16 Jan 2014
3 Data Input & Removal: Tables DL 29 Dec 2013 JHW 26 Jan 2014
4 Data Input & Removal: Forms DL 1 May 2014
5 Data Output: Queries
6 Data Output: Reports
7 Exchanging Data
8 Customizing your Database Design
9 More Customization
10 Using Base at Work
Appendix A Build the Example Database
Appendix B Overview of a Database
Appendix C Further Reading on
  Database Design
Appendix D Editing the Base Document File

Base Handbook

Version 3.5-3.6 has been published. The English version published as v4.0 is unchanged from the earlier book.

New portions of the German v5.0 handbook have been translated from German.

TO DO: Finish editing translation of latest edition of German Base Handbook into English.

Chapters of the German edition are available here:

Status of tasks BH 5.0

Chapter Translated Reviewed Edit/Proof Cleanup Published Checkout
Preface 2015-08-07 RG 2015-12-24 JHW
1 Introduction to Base 2015-08-07 RG 2015-11-04 DEL 2015-12-24 JHW
2 Create Database 2015-08-14 RG
2015-08-25 HR
2015-12-20 JHW
3 Tables 2015-08-16 RG
2015-08-18 HR
2015-11-12 SS 2015-12-24 JHW
4 Forms 2015-09-04 HR 2015-12-26 JHW
5 Queries 2015-08-29 HR 2015-12-24 JHW
6 Reports 2015-09-11 HR 2015-12-20 JHW
7 Linking to Databases  2015-09-13 HR 2015-12-21 JHW
8 Tasks 2015-10-12 HR 2015-12-22 JHW
9 Macros 2015-10-12 HR 2015-12-23 JHW
10 Maintenance 2015-10-13 HR 2015-12-23 JHW
11 Appendix 2015-10-16 HR 2015-12-23 JHW