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This page is about the Official Conference Presentation Template for the 2014 Annual LibreOffice Conference in Bern.

Selected Template

Per the results of voting, the winner is "k-j Points 1":

LibOConf2014 points p1.png LibOConf2014 points p2.png


To submit a proposal for consideration, please add a new line to the table below.

Author Proposal number Thumbnail (with link) Notes
Example User 1 Sample-Impress-Template Bern2014 rtryon.png
Sveinn 1 Proposal LibOConf2014 Template.png Proposal LibOConf2014 p2.png based on Paris 2011 template
k-j Mix 1 LibOConf2014 Mix Template.png LibOConf2014 Mix p2.png based on Berlin 2012 template
k-j Points 1 LibOConf2014 points p1.png LibOConf2014 points p2.png based on icon bar used for documentation 4.2 proposal