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LinuxFest Northwest
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DatesApril 26-27, 2014
LocationBellingham Technical College,
Bellingham, WA

LinuxFest Northwest is an annual event produced by the Bellingham Linux Users Group, and volunteers from other northwest U.S. open source users groups.

Event Summary

LinuxFest Northwest 2014 was very fun event! See my blog post recapping the highlights of the event!



  • Robinson Tryon
  • (possibly Dona Hertel -- helped in 2011, and on the list for Oregon)
  • Possibly local volunteers (pinged Carl Symons, and he's on it :-)


  • What: We'll have a booth
  • Where: ??
  • Booth Schedule: We'll be open as much as possible! :-)


We'll need to order some consumables (as I'm currently low/out). Items I have right now:

  • Banners
  • Brochures

To order:

  • Sample set of our printed manuals
  • Some T-shirts/Sweatshirts for sale (?)

I hope to have at least a prototype of the US Events Box up and running by then.

Main-track talk(s)

Other Stuff

Getting involved

  • Email Robinson!