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LibrePlanet 2015
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Dates March 21-22, 2015
Location MIT
Boston, MA

LibrePlanet is the Free Software Foundation's annual member meeting/conference.

Event Summary

LibrePlanet 2015 was an amazing success! We had dozens of people from around the US and beyond visit the Document Freedom Day table, and several planned to run events in their local areas (and took a packet of materials). As in previous years, the exhibitors are often different from more corporate conferences such as SCALE or OSCON, so we had some great tables at the event, including the Vermont Law School, MaidSafe, and MIT's own SIPB.

On Sunday Robinson gave a extended-time workshop about Document Freedom Day. We started with a short presentation about Document Freedom and how LibreOffice and the Document Liberation Project both work as a part of TDF to heavily promote the use of free/open file formats and protocols, and to make sure that people have Free Software with which they can interact, use, create, and edit such file formats. People were quite receptive to the goals of DLP and the idea that we'd like to help people and groups migrate their content from proprietary system (some of which are no longer running) into open formats that they can use with modern hardware and software. The workshop then opened up for audience participation, and we had a lot of good questions and comments about how we can best promote open formats in our local communities.

One topic that continues to come up at these discussions is that we need more continuity and structure. We have a lot of people interested in participating in this discussion and in promoting adoption of such standards, but we need a bit more tinder under the fire to really get things going in a self-sustaining fashion. Better organization of who wants to run an event or who needs materials such as DFD brochures is key to keeping our allies engaged and moving towards the critical numbers we need to effect real change in governments, school districts, etc. Having people who could come and talk to groups about these important technological issues is another piece of the puzzle. It's much more powerful to hear a message from a representative from without than to hear the same words spoken by an insider within a particular school district, company, or non-profit.


Number Name Role Attending? Registered? T-shirt size Notes
1 Robinson Tryon Lead (contact to FSF)


Yes Yes L
2 (Your name here) Booth Staff
3 (Your name here) Booth Staff


Booth Number: __?__

  • What:
    • __1__ Booth
    • __1__ Table: __?__
    • __2__ Chairs
    • __No__ Ethernet drop/port
    • __x__ Free WiFi: __available throughout the venue__
    • __some__ Electrical outlet: __?__ Watts

Booth Schedule

You can read 24-hour time, right?

Flexible schedules:

  • Robinson

Big thanks to the FSF for providing a booth for promoting DFD.


We'll have

  • LibreOffice brochures, stickers
  • DFD brochures, stickers, posters, postcards, and etc..
  • (anything else for DFD?)

=> Got funding for printing up some stickers, etc.

Main-track talk(s)

Other Stuff

Getting involved

  • Email Robinson!