Some rules about updating these FAQs

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    This page is a translated version of the page Faq/Rules and the translation is 0% complete.

    • Rule 1 : Everyone is strongly urged to participate. :-)
    • Rule 2 : Do not create additional levels in the hierarchy of the FAQ. This is to avoid, as much as possible, changing the FAQ entry links, as they are frequently referenced by other pages and other sites.
    • Rule 3 : As far as possible, a FAQ entry should be placed under an existing heading.
    • Rule 4 : Each FAQ entry is designated with a simple 3-digit number to avoid headscratching over coming up with an explicit name and to maintain consistency with the previous FAQs.
    • Rule 5 : Each FAQ entry begins with a title of the form == The title of the FAQ == and usually consists of a list of actions in which each line begins with the * sign. To enclose text in a box (for quotations), start the line with a space.
    • Rule 6 : HTML is to be avoided as much as possible. In wiki code, simplicity is preferable.
    • Rule 7 : The only links should be internal to other FAQs when one question refers to another. Do not add external references. Or, to be precise:
    [[Special:MyLanguage/Faq/Module/xxx|FAQ title]]

    in wiki syntax, rather than

    [|FAQ title] 
    • Rule 8 : There is no need to manually add the FAQ category as it is automatically added through the Menu.FAQ template.
    • Rule 9 : When inserting an image, it is advisable to use a name starting with FAQ_ and indicating the way it is used. For example:
    • Rule 10 : If you reread a FAQ and find no errors, you can report that you have reread (and validated) in the "Discussion" tab, specifying the date and the version number.
    • Rule 11 : Anybody can change the above rules because we are on a Wiki :-)

    FAQs are numbered. It is advantageous to maintain the numbering system for several reasons:

    • Translations use the same name for each page;
    • Links are easier to view, copy and paste, and store;
    • It makes it easier to name images;
    • It is possible to change the title of a FAQ at any time without changing its link;
    • To find the last number used, follow this link:
      • Special Pages > All pages with prefix
      • Type in this prefix: Faq/. (Note use of title case, not all caps.)
      • Add the final word of the prefix after the slash to find the module that interests you: General, Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math, or Base.