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How to handle linked images ?

You want to manage images without incorporating these in the database. The advantage is not to duplicate and especially not to increase the size of the database.

The expected result is:

screenshot form with Image control
Textbox and Image control

The principle is to have a text field that will store the path to the image. It may be a "local" path to an image stored on the computer or a Url. In the form this field is inserted twice:

  1. as text box (default control for this type of field),
  2. as Image control.

To insert the Image control, use this tool from the More controls toolbar. Draw then assign the field containing the path. You can also insert the field with the Add Field tool (which by default creates a text box ) and then replace the control by the Image control. To do this, right-click the text box and then Replace .

It will be possible to enter the path directly in the TextBox or double-click on the Image control to benefit from the file selection dialog.