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How to make a carriage return take you to the row below and the cell to the left

Header of column A Header of column B
A1 B1
A2 B2

How do we go from cell B1 to cell A2 when filling the table:

  • using the keyboard
    1. Enter the value in A1, then press the Tab ↹ key. The cursor moves to B1
    2. Enter the value in B1, the press ↵ Enter. The cursor moves to A2

To produce this behaviour, go to Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice Calc ▸ General ▸ Input Settings and check the Press Enter to move selection. Then in the listbox to the right, choose Down.

  • an old solution using the mouse:
    1. select the whole area that you want to fill
    2. pass from box to box by using Tab ↹: after B1, the active box passes to A2
  • using a macro to reproduce the movement of the cursor from cell to cell and the series of keystrokes after validation of the input.
  • using the data entry form:
    1. insert the column headers for A, B, C, etc ...
    2. select the headers
    3. go to Data ▸ Form and fill the fields of the form
    4. each new field will be written underneath the preceding one