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Hvordan tegner jeg en ligesidet trekant?

Værktøjslinjen Tegning har en knap til at tegne en ligebenet trekant men ikke en ligesidet trekant. For at tegne sådan en, må du bruge en smule geometri. Faktisk er en ligesidet trekant en ligebenet trekant, hvis højde h er:

h=\mathit{a.}\sin \left(\frac{\Pi }{3}\right)=\mathit{a.}\sin \left(60\circ \right)=\mathit{a.}\frac{\sqrt{3}}{2}\approx a\times \mathrm{0.866} hvor a repræsenter længden på en vilkårlig side i trekanten.

For at tegne en ligesidet trekant:

  • click on the triangle to the right of the Basic Shapes icon to open the Basic Shapes toolbar. In the toolbar, click on the Isosceles Triangle button.
  • click and drag to draw a triangle of about the size desired;
  • select the Format ▸ Position and sizemenu;
  • make sure Keep ratio is unchecked;
  • adjust:
    • the height so that it equals the width multiplied by 0.866,
    • the width so that it equals the height divided by 0.866,or
    • both, maintaining the proportion 0.866 between the height and the width;
  • If you change the size of the triangle, click Keep ratio to keep the length of the three sides equal.
  • Click OK.

Another way to create equilateral triangle is to:

  • Draw a line, holding ⇧ Shift, so it is a straight line.
  • Click on it, press F4 to open properties.
  • Position and size, set size to 100mm.
  • Click on ok
  • Use copy and paste to create a copy.
  • Click on it, press F4 to open properties.
  • Rotation, select bottom left for the rotation point, and 60".
  • Create another copy of the base line, click on it, press F4
  • Rotation, select bottom right for the rotation and 300".
  • Select all lines, and choose 'modify/combine' from the menu.