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What is Fontwork?

Fontwork allows users to create customized text with special effects different from ordinary text:

  • full management of 3D effects,
  • fill area with gradients,
  • letter sizes,
  • letter spacing,
  • etc.

This tool is similar to WordArt used in Microsoft Word ©. When LibreOffice saves documents in Microsoft Office format, every Fontwork object is converted to WordArt.

With Fontwork tool, you can create graphical and artistic text objects to make your documents more attractive. A wide choice of predefined templates is available and you will certainly found the one convenient to your document.

Fontwork Toolbars

Two different toolbars for creating and editing Fontwork object are available.

NB: Fontwork tool is available in every LibreOffice module, with slight display differences.

Select menu entry View ▸ Toolbars ▸ Fontwork, a new toolbar is displayed:

Figure 1: Floating Fontwork toolbar

In Writer for instance, if you click on an existing Fontwork object, the toolbar Drawing Object Properties replaces toolbar Formatting to show Fontwork options. Content of this toolbar may vary according to the LibreOffice module used.

For more information, see: Using toolbar Drawing Object Properties.