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    How do I resize and move a Fontwork object?

    Modify the size of a Fontwork object

    With the mouse

    When selecting a Fontwork object, eight square handles are visible around the object. Click and drag one of these handle to modify the size of the object.

    NB: if you want to preserve proportion of the object (ratio height/width), keep pressed ⇧ Shift while clicking and dragging handles.

    With dialog

    • Once the object selected, choose one of these command:
      • select menu Format ▸ Position and Size (or Format ▸ Frame and Object ▸ Position and Size in Writer or Format ▸ Object and Shape ▸ Position and Size in Impress);
      • right click to open context menu and select  ▸ Position and Size;
      • hit F4 (in Draw or Impress).
    • In Position and Size dialog:
      • select Position and Size tab;
      • enter exact values for the width and height of the object;
      • validate with OK.

    NB: to preserve proportion of the object, check Keep ratio checkbox before modifying values.

    Resize Fontwork letters

    When selecting a Fontwork object, a special handle (grey filled circle) is also visible, can be in one square handle. If you drag the mouse over this handle, cursor will be transformed in a hand.

    You can then click and drag this handle in different directions to shrink, stretch or tilt the letters inside the Fontwork object.

    Exact position of this handle can de defined in Position and Size dialog, Slant & Corner Radius tab.

    Move Fontwork object

    To move the object inside your document:

    • click one of the letters composing the Fontwork object (but not on an handle);
    • keep the button pressed (mouse pointer has now the regular aspect for moving CurseurDéplacement.png);
    • drag to the expected place.