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Page layout is not the same between Windows and Linux. Why?

When I open my OpenDocument formatted file under MS-Windows or under Linux, the page layout is different. This seems to contradict the muli-plateform reputation of LibreOffice.

The reasons may be as follows:

  • Fonts used are not the same, it is indeed necessary to ensure that the fonts used in the document are available for the two environments. If this is not the case, LibreOffice search for the fonts that looks like the one recorded in the file. However, small differences between the fonts will cause shifts and may alter the layout.
  • The printer sets as default is not the same between the two environments, the same document may indeed be printed differently depending on the printer used. One can observe significant differences between ink jet or laser printers.

The solution consists to:

  • install the missing fonts ; cf. How-to install Fonts.
  • Modify the selected printer (one can use a PDF printer as generic printer for the two environments).