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How do I track changes made to a page?

On the wiki, all changes are saved (see How do I undo a change?). It is possible to be notified when a wiki page that interests you has changed. This is called "watching" a page. There are two ways to start watching a page:

  • If this is a page you are viewing: at the top right of the wiki page, between the tabs and the search box, there is a star which is white if the page is not in the list of pages that you follow and blue if it is a page that you already watch. Click on the star to switch between the two positions.
  • If this is a page that you are changing: below the page's code editing box, there is a check box Watch this page which allows you to enable or disable watching.

The list of pages you follow and that have recently been modified is available via the link on the first line of your Watchlist wiki page. The link to this page is found in the upper right hand corner of your screen, where you log in and out of the wiki. To access the list of all the pages you follow, go to your Watchlist page and click on the link View and edit Watchlist.

To receive an email whenever a page that you are following has been changed:

  • Click the Preferences link at the upper right of the wiki page;
  • Under Email options, confirm that that your email address is correct;
  • Check the box Email me when a page or file on my watchlist is changed.