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How do I create a hanging indent in my document?

→ Modifying the indent of the paragraphs.

Two different options are available, independently of the way you want the indents to be displayed.

  • Using a predefined style:
    1. Open the Style and Formatting window (select: Format ▸ Styles and Formatting from the menus bar) (or F11).
    2. put the cursor in the text to which you want to apply an indent (or in an empty area that you will fill with text later on.)
    3. Double click the Hanging indent style in the Styles and Formatting window. This style has by default a left indent of 1cm and a first line indent of -0.50cm
  • Creating your own style :
    1. Open the Styles and Formatting window (as described above).
    2. Select a common style like Default Style.
    3. Right click on the name to open the contextual menu and select New.
    4. In the dialog box that opens, enter a name for your style.
    5. Click on the Indents and spacing tab. Choose the setting for the Indent area. To get an indent of 1 cm, you need to enter "1,00" in the field Before Text. Then click the First line field and enter the value "-0,50".
    6. Click OK. The new style appears now among the list of styles. You can use it now as a predefined style (see above).

There exists another solution, less common because not based on styles

  • Doing a punctual change :
    1. Select the View ▸ Rule menu to display (and hide) the rules (the two graduated areas at the top and on the left)
    2. Slide the cursor at the bottom left of the horizontal rule until the desired position of the indent (1 cm for example).
    3. Slide the cursor at the top left of the horizontal rule to set the first line indent.
    4. You can adjust these values by selecting the Format ▸ Paragraph... ▸ Indents and spacing.