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How to begin the page numbering of a document at a value greater than 1

The new page number is usually an attribute of the first paragraph of the page (cf. Special cases). So to begin for example with 3:

  1. click on the first paragraph of the document;
  2. select Format ▸ Paragraph ▸ Text flow [tab];
  3. in the Breaks area, check ☑ Insert;
  4. check ☑ With page style option;
  5. specify the new page number: 3 in this example; null entries or negative numbers are not allowed; and
  6. click OK.

If, on the other hand, you have some pages at the beginning of the document that you do not want to take into account, see this item How to make the page numbering begin at the second page of the document.

To insert the page number, follow this item How to insert a page number having the form of "Page 1 of N".

See also How to make the total number of pages match only the written pages

Special cases

  1. The page begins with a table. In this case, the page number attribute is not linked to the "first" paragraph of the table (the one in the first cell) but to the table itself: under Table ▸ Properties... ▸ Text flow [tab] check ☑ Break, check ☑ With page style, specify the page style and the number you want to use.
    Table properties
  2. The page begins with an index
    • It can be a Table of contents, an Alphabetical index, etc. These indexes are inserted by the software in protected sections, that means in read-only mode.
    • The solution consists in “unprotecting” the index while setting the first paragraph (usually the index title) as seen above: right-click on the index to display the contextual menu, chose Edit index ▸ Type [tab], uncheck Protected against manual changes.
    • Note
    Do not forget to re-protect the index after modifying the page number!
    • The numbering setting will be preserved when updating the index
    Unprotected index