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When I click in a table or in text containing bullets, a toolbar appears and it annoys me

Toolbars in LibreOffice are dynamic, that is to say they fit the context. Thus, when the cursor is in a table or in a paragraph with bullets, toolbars containing specific tools for bullets or tables appear. By default, these bars are floating, that is to say they are not anchored to one side of the window and it is possible to place them wherever we want.

The disadvantage of a floating toolbar is that it sometimes hides the work area. To solve this problem it is necessary:

  • to move the bar (but then it may hide another area);
  • or to close the bar, in which case it will reappear the next time you click in a table or a bullet paragraph

To solve this problem permanently, it is possible to anchor the tool bar:

  • when the bar is visible, click its title area and slide it next to a work area (right, left, top or bottom);
  • a gray rectangle indicates how it will be positioned relative to the other bars;
  • release the mouse when the bar is in the wanted position.

Afterwards it will take up this position whenever it appears. However, its appearance and disappearance can cause a tiresome variation in the size of the work area. To prevent this behavior, dock the toolbar into the extension of a bar that is permanently present.

A more radical solution is to make the toolbar in question disappear, not by clicking on the cross in the bar, but by unchecking the menu View ▸ Tool Bars ▸ Table or Numbering and Bullets. But then the quick access to contextual commands is lost. It is always possible to revert to the default behavior by re-checking the tool bars.