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How to integrate a chart from a spreadsheet using linking


  • you wish to represent the data in a spreadsheet by using a chart; and
  • you wish the chart to be updated whenever the data in the spreadsheet change.

Linking by DDE[1]

This technique consists of establishing a link with the data in the spreadsheet and creating the corresponding chart directly in the Writer document.

  1. open the spreadsheet, select and copy the data "source" for the chart (Menu Edit ▸ Copy or Ctrl+C);
  2. open the document in which you wish to create the chart;
  3. click in the document where you want the chart to be created;
  4. menu Edit ▸ Paste special (Ctrl+⇧ Shift+V) ▸ DDE link
    This will create a Writer table; and
  5. select the whole table and go to Insert ▸ Chart. The chart is based on the table and can be modified cf. How to create a diagram or a chart;
    • by using the menu Edit ▸ Object ▸ Edit; or
    • by right-clicking on the chart and choosing Edit

Note: When the Writer document is opened, LibreOffice prompts you to update the links from the data.

copie d'écran du message à l'ouverture
Update Links when loading


  1. DDE: "Dynamic Data Exchange". DDE allows you to link objects by reference to the sheet, but not to embed them.