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How to restore the display of the field name

After inserting a mailing field into a document, the field displays an abbreviated field name.

copie d'écran fenêtre source de données, champs dans le document
Before Data to fields

View ▸ Field names (Ctrl+F9) allows you to switch between the display of the content and the display of the full field name:<sourcename>.<tablename>.<fieldname>

After merging the data, for example via the Data to fields button, it is not possible to return to the original display of the abbreviated field name; what appears is either the field content as merged (most recent content) or the full name if it is in field name mode.

copie d'écran champs remplis
After Data to fields

Here is a tip for returning to the abbreviated field name view:

  1. Select Edit ▸ Exchange database
  2. Choose another data source
  3. Repeat to get back to the original data source...