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How to make a series of indivisible characters?

Hyphenation (hyphen deferred to the next line for words that are too long to fit at the end of a line) can be enabled or disabled on demand.

This is a property that one can define in the paragraph style (Text Flow tab). This functionality, which can be disabled, is designed for lexical words.

Insert a No-width no break

How do you prevent hyphenation at the end of the line for character series like m3/s, C++ or Notepad++?

You need to insert a no-width no break between the two + characters in the case of C++ for example.

No-width no break means that the characters on both sides will be bound and the inserted character will remain invisible.

This is one of the formatting marks available through the Insert ▸ Formatting Mark menu.

The insertion of this formatting mark does not have a shortcut key by default. You can assign a shortcut key combination to it.

Assign a shortcut key combination to a No-width no break

  • go to Tools ▸ Customize ▸ Keyboard menu;
  • Insert category;
  • no-width no break function;
  • pick a shortcut combination that is not already used in the Shortcut Keys list;
  • click on Modify; and
  • click on OK.

In recent versions it is no longer necessary to activate Bi-Directional writing.