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How to create a table that is not followed by a paragraph

When you create a table using the common methods (Table ▸ Insert table, Standard toolbar icon, etc), by default a paragraph is inserted after the table. This FAQ explains how to avoid it.

Table in a header, a footer or a frame

Tables are often inserted into a header or a footer to align a logo, some text or fields related to the page number. Inserting a table into a frame is also commonly used, including positioning a table other than in the "flow" of the document. It goes without saying that a paragraph following the table disrupts the layout expected in these cases.

Solution 1 (the table has already been created)

  1. place the cursor in the last cell
  2. use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + Del

Solution 2 (the table has not been created yet)

  1. place the cursor in the frame (or the header or the footer)
  2. Insert a tab
  3. Select the paragraph (that only contains the tab)
  4. choose Table ▸ Convert text to table
  5. Choose Tab as separator and then press Enter

copie d'écran sélection d'un paragraphe avec tab et menu contextuel convertir
Convert text to table

A table containing two columns is created, not followed by a paragraph.Obviously it would be possible to directly enter the contents of the table, separated by tabs, before starting the conversion.

Table located at the bottom of a page

We are in the following case creating a table at the bottom of the page and at the end of the document:

copie d'écran tableau en bas de page génère un saut de page
Table at the bottom of the page

The additional paragraph is of course annoying in that it generates an unwanted new page.


  1. Select the whole table, then chose Table ▸ Convert ▸ Table to text ▸ Tabs then delete the "extra" paragraph. We are now in this situation:
    copie d'écran cf. légende
    Table converted to text and "extra" paragraph deleted

  2. select the text from the beginning of the "table" until the end and chose Insert ▸ Section.
  3. you can then recreate the table with Table ▸ Convert ▸ Text to table
    copie d'écran tableau sans paragraphe après
    Text converted again to table into the section