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Jak přidat/vymazat sloupec bez změny velikosti ostatních sloupců?

By default, a table occupies the entire width of the text area between the page margins. This is set under Table ▸ Table properties ▸ Table [tab] ▸ Alignment ▸ Automatic.

Adding or deleting a column thus results in the default expansion or shrinkage of adjacent columns in order to maintain this alignment.

In the example below:

copie d'écran tableau 4 colonnes
Deleting column C

The removal of the column C causes the enlargement of columns B and D:

copie d'écran après suppression
Columns B and D enlarged

A shortcut allows you to delete a column without modifying the other columns, so that the table no longer occupies the entire width between the margins.

Starting from the original table, we wish to obtain:

copie d'écran tableau largeurs colonnes intactes
Columns B and D preserved


  1. click in the column you want to delete (C in our example),
  2. press Alt+Del keys for 3 seconds, then the left or right arrow key. The direction selected determines the direction in which the table will shrink. To obtain the result above, chose the right arrow.

The process to add a column is the same: We wish to insert a column without re-sizing all the columns of the table but only the adjacent ones. Press Alt+Insert for 3 seconds, then the left or right arrow. The direction selected determines which column will be resized (on the left or on the right).