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How to create a permanent list of automatic insertions

When this feature is activated (check in Tools ▸ AutoCorrect ▸ AutoCorrect Options ▸ Word Completion [tab] ▸ Collect Words), the list of words collected by LibreOffice remains available as long as the session is open, in other words, as long as you do not close the program.

It is possible to restrict the availability of the list by checking When closing a document, remove the words collected from it from the list.

This note shows how to create a thesaurus, a list of words permanently available for each new Writer document. To make the list of words available during the whole session, you just need to open a document containing all the words. The Word Completion will work right away.

Creation of the word list

  1. collect in a new document the most representative of your written words. You can copy and paste from several successive documents;
  2. allow some time for Writer to index all the words in its word completion list. A spell check can accelerate the process; and
  3. when the list is complete, save the document with all its words.

Using the list of words

  1. open the "thesaurus" document:
    • using File ▸ Open, or File ▸ Recent Documents (if it is regularly open);
    • using a favorite location.
  2. as a default template:
    • set the created document as the default template cf. Changing the default template;
    • when creating a new Writer document, the list is available;
    • select all, delete, and begin to write.
  3. using AutoText:
    • select the contents of the document "thesaurus" and create an AutoText ('Tools menu);
    • to make word completion available, just insert the AutoText in a new document.
  4. using a shortcut while launching the software (Windows):
    • create a shortcut allowing to launch the word processor by opening the "thesaurus" file and a new document, for example using a syntax of type (below for Windows):
"C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\swriter.exe" "C:\Users\NomUtilisateur\Documents\Thesaurus.odt" -n "C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\share\template\shellnew\soffice.odt"


  • the program path must be adapted depending on the Windows and LibreOffice version;
  • the path and the "thesaurus" document name have to be adapted; and
  • -n ask for the creation of a new document based on the indicated document (cf. [[1]]), in this case, the template used by the file browser when you right-click and New ▸ OpenDocument Text. Depending on the Windows version, this template could be located in :
C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\share\template\shellnew
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Templates (Windows 7)