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Friendly experts

The following table shows several experts, you can add the appropriate expert to CC of a confirmed (NEW) bug, or as reviewer of a proposed change in gerrit. The email addresses are those used in bugzilla, and do not necessarily reflect the preferred public affiliation of the person. Please do not email these developers personally with your personal pet bug. These experts should be cc'ed sparingly, only in cases where there are particular questions/concerns/etc... Note that this list does not imply that nobody else knows the parts of code mentioned, or that these people would promise to take care of your bug / proposes patch as soon as possible. This is just a guideline for bug and patch triaging.

If you are new and need help getting started we suggest you ask on our mailing list libreoffice or contact one of the people who devote time to new people directly Mentors

Field of activity Name, Bugzilla-account
Database Lionel Elie Mamane <>
Basic position available
Access2Base Jean-Pierre Ledure <>
Bugzilla Xisco Fauli <>, Robinson Tryon <>
build system, gbuild Björn Michaelsen <> or Michael Stahl <>
Calc Markus Mohrhard <>, Eike Rathke <>, Katarina Behrens <> (Calc filters)
Chart Markus Mohrhard <>
Debian Rene Engelhard <>
dictionaries, adding to LibreOffice Andras Timar <>
documentation Sophie Gautier <> Documentation teamwork
documentation in terms of fixing bugs in localhelp Andras Timar <>
draw Armin Le Grand <> or Thorsten Behrens <>
General UI problems Jan Holesovsky <>, Katarina Behrens <>, Samuel Mehrbrodt <>
git⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg and Writer RTF filters Miklós Vajna <>
gerrit⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg David Ostrovsky<>, Norbert Thiebaud <>, Bjoern Michaelsen <>, Robert Einsle <>
GUI design questions Keyword needsUXEval *plus* CC to
headless --without-x build switch Riccardo Magliocchetti <>
i18nlangtag, i18npool Eike Rathke <>
Impress presentation Thorsten Behrens <> and Armin Le Grand <>
KDE Luboš Luňák <>, Katarina Behrens <>
Libcdr and Corel Draw import Fridrich Štrba <> and Valek Filippov <>
Libvisio and Visio import Fridrich Štrba <> and Valek Filippov <>
localization fixes / l10n / non-English bug description Sophie Gautier <> and Adolfo Jayme <>
localization fixes / l10n tools Andras Timar <>
Mac Thorsten Behrens <>
MozTrap Sophie Gautier <>
ODF filter Michael Stahl <> or Oliver Specht <>
Pebble Gülşah Köse <>
Pootle Christian Lohmaier <>
PostgreSQL integration Lionel Elie Mamane <>
QA QA team
Translation Language teams
Ubuntu position available
UI Design team
UNO, sal, configmgr Stephan Bergmann <>
vcl Caolán McNamara <> or Armin Le Grand <>
Wiki Help Page Jan Holešovský <>, Dennis Roczek <>
Wiki, Wiki Extension, Wiki Config, Editing Dennis Roczek <>
Windows Tor Lillqvist <> or Michael Stahl <>
Windows Installer Andras Timar <>
Writer Michael Stahl <>, Björn Michaelsen <>, Oliver Specht <>
writerfilter Oliver Specht <>
X11-specific Luboš Luňák <>