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This page summarizes our Policies and Procedures for users interacting with Bugzilla.


Here you will find policies regarding bug reporting/commenting on Bugzilla as well as the procedures which the LibreOffice QA/Team will take if these policies are broken. If there is any question, concern or suggestion to improve these policies and/or procedures, please send an email to the QA/Mailing List so that we can have appropriate conversations before any changes are made to this site or our official policy and procedures.

By posting on LibreOffice Bugzilla, you agree to these policies and procedures in their entirety so please keep this in mind.

Our aim is to do everything that is possible to ensure an open & friendly atmosphere which encourages collaboration around the world. This being said, we acknowledge that in general contributors do not purposely make other contributors feel uncomfortable but that sometimes a clear set of guidelines are needed to outline the expectations of our organization. We feel like the very short list of policies below can minimally impede a contributors right to freedom of speech while ensuring an open and friendly community for all.


  • All comments and bug reports must be in standard English, if this is an issue, please go to your locale mailing list and ask someone to translate

The below items will not be tolerated by The Document Foundation when posting to LibreOffice Bugzilla:

  • Continuously changing bug status despite input from core developers or QA people. If you have an issue with something a core dev or QA member has done - you should email the QA mailing list and wait for additional feedback.
  • Swearing
  • Homophobic comments and/or use of words such as "gay" in a derogatory manner
  • Attacking another users character, personality, intelligence, abilities, etc....
  • Spamming your bug with comments to get attention
  • Attacking QA staff for their decision of priority/status - friendly conversations are welcome but attacks are not


If the above policies are broken, TDF will usually proceed in the following manner:

  • 1st violation: a comment in the bug which directs violator(s) to this site
  • 2nd violation: an email will be sent to the violator, TDF BoD may be CC'ed to maintain a clear record of actions taken
  • 3rd violation: a temporary ban which lasts no longer than 24 hours will be imposed against violator
  • 4th violation: a permanent ban will be placed against violator's email.

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