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This page is collecting suggestions for QA tasks at the Aarhus 2015 Hackfest.


At the Annual Conference Hackfest, we'll be stealing a table or two and doing some triaging, bug confirming, bibisecting, and engaging in our standard "QA Organized Mayhem".

Put your suggestions about what to tackle below. Explanations, too, if you got 'em!


  • Deal with UNCONFIRMED bugs
    • REASON: We've zoomed well over 500 UNCONFIRMED again. Time to drop it like it's hot
  • Test Accessibility (a11y) bugs - (Query from Beluga)
    • REASON: Because Beluga told you to! :-)
  • Bibisecting anything tagged with bibisectRequest
    • REASON: it's arguably the fastest way for QA to identify when a bug was introduced, so it can get fixed
  • Review and re-triage old MABs
    • REASON: We're moving away from the old MAB system, so we want to re-test any open bugs that are still listed on a MAB
    • Example: Anything on tdf#mab4.3)
    • Test with the latest release series, and then mark as RESOLVED or ensure that Priority is set to highest
  • Deal with old blockers - (Query)
    • REASON: Mere mortals can no longer set bugs to be a 'blocker'. We still have a couple dozen bugs in that state that need our attention
    • With such a short list, it'd be nice to review those bugs at the same time and see if they need any additional triaging
  • Perform a (smoke) test for experimental MSVC 14.0 compiler support
    • REASON: It's unknown, if there are some major issues. All tests are passing. Note: no tinderbox is currently switched to this compiler. The most recent binaries (build from master, 64 bit) are provided here.
  • Retest bugs in NEW that haven't had an update in 6, 12, or 18 months
    • REASON: Make sure that bugs haven't been fixed in the meantime.