LibreItalia 2015 Hackfest

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LibreItalia Hackfest 2015
DatesNovember 28, 2015
LocationTerni, Italy
Terni Hackfest 2015

In connection with the second LibreItalia Conference in Terni, we're organizing the first ever LibreOffice hackfest in Italy on Saturday, November 28th from 14.00 to 17.00.


The venue for the event is:

Palazzo Gazzoli

The address is:

Via Teatro Romano, Terni - IT


This is the first Italian Hackfest so we'd like to focus on "LibreOffice for beginners developers". The plan is to introduce as many people as possible to LibreOffice development. We want to make sure that:

  • attendees' laptops are configured so they are ready to hack when they get home
  • they know the basics of LibreOffice build system
  • they know which tools and processes are used for LibreOffice development
  • they tackle an EasyHack

We'll give examples and hints for Linux machines, if you are on windows / macOS we are sorry but you are on your own.

Getting to the venue

Don't Forget

  • your laptop with at least 30GB of free disk space
  • a recent checkout of LibreOffice:
git clone git:// libreoffice
   Debian/Ubuntu: sudo apt-get build-dep libreoffice
   OpenSUSE 11.4+: sudo zypper si -d libreoffice
   Fedora 22+: sudo dnf builddep libreoffice
   Fedora 21+: sudo yum-builddep libreoffice


Registration: Conference and hackfest registration

Please add yourself to the list as early as possible, so we can plan the event accordingly.

First Name Last Name user page can push to gerrit
Riccardo Magliocchetti User:rm yes
Marina Latini User:Deneb yes
Giordano Alborghetti
Georgia Lepore
Marco Giorgetti User:Midimarcus
Giusepe Viziello
Italo Della Noce
Giuseppe Augiero
Antonio Faccioli User:Afaccioli74
Marco Rufinelli
Simone Serafini
Sonia Montegiove
Alessandro Cuccia
Nicola Povoleri
Federico Allegretti
Giovanni Giannetti
Paolo Bernardi User:bernarpa yes
Andrea Castellani
Vincenzo Virgilio
Donato Cirillo
Tommaso Pagliaricci
Emiliano Vavassori User:Syntaxerrormmm


  1. Riccardo: fixup --without-x breakage by building against properly configured internal cairo


Two patches commited from new contributors:


Hackfest Virtual Machines

We'll use TDF provided VM in order to get Developers up to speed faster. We'll try to get their personal machine setup while they are working on the VM.

See Hackfests/VMs Virtual Machines

We need to give cloph at least a week notice. Default setup for machines are for 7 users, we may ask more disk space to fit more people. We don't have anyone knowledgeable about bibisect but if we need to use bibisect we have to specify that when requesting the VM.

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