LibreOffice Asia Conference 2019 CJK Hackfest

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LibreOffice Asia Conference CJK Hackfest
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DatesMay 26th, 2019
LocationCyboze Tokyo Office
Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan

CJKHackfest is the Day2 event of LibreOffice Asia Conference 2019.


  • 2019-05-26


  • Cybozu Tokyo Office, Nihonbash, Tokyo, Japan
  • Address: 2-7-1 Tokyo Nihonbashi Tower 27F Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 103-6027


Bug list

If you're attending the hackfest, add your name next to what you might like to work on and feel free to add bugs.

Bug Developer(s)
tdf#83066 Describe the task Your name here


  • tdf#125497 Backspace to remove an IVS for other modules. (Mark Hung)
  • Ruby UI design and its user expectation from different language perspective. (Mark Hung)
  • Ask other atendee how IME work in their language.(Mark Hung)
  • Implement tdf#120047 Need harpoon symbol to express vectors in math (Takeshi Abe)


Add yourself here if you plan to attend the Hackfest.

  1. Mark Hung
  2. DaeHyun Sung
  3. Tomaž Vajngerl
  4. Takeshi Abe
  5. Naruhiko Ogasawara
  6. Yusuke Arakawa
  7. Isana Iwahashi
  8. Atsushi Ueda
  9. Svante Schubert
  10. Masaki Murakami


  • DaeHyun: DaeHyun reorder and modify Font order and add some fonts for Korean. He wrote CJK HackFest’s working log at LibreOffice bugzilla tdf#125481
  • MarkHung: has implemented a solution for tdf#124597 to allow remove CJK IVS with one backspace in Impress and in Calc.
  • Takeshi Abe: has implemented a solution for tdf#120047 for harpoon in Math [1]
  • Tomaž Vajngerl: has tried to refer to settings when creating a new document instead of hard-coded data.
  • Naruhiko Ogasawara: has built LibreOffice debugging environment with Visual Studio Code + Linux
  • Atsushi Ueda: has tried to build LibreOffice
  • Yusuke Arakawa: has tried to fix his ParseJSON extension problem and has mentored Iwahasi-san about extension development
  • Isana Iwahashi: has tried to build LibO extension with Arakawa-san's mentoring
  • Masaki Murakami: fixed some Help translation to solve tag broken problem

After Action Reports

DaeHyun Sung - My LibreOffice Asia Conference 2019 Day2. CJK Hackfest Report

Useful Links

If you're new to LibreOffice development, you may find the link below userful.Slide material from Hackfest/Peruga2017

  1. Code Structure slides
  2. Core Classes slides
  3. Solving Arbitrary Problems slides