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Toulouse Hackfest 2014

The second LibreOffice hackfest in France will take place in ToulouseWikipedia logo v3.svg on November 15-16 (Saturday and Sunday).


Getting to the venue

Toulouse Hackfest location, airport and train station

By train

Train station is about 15minutes from Hackfest location. You can also bus use line 14, more information on .

By flight

Toulouse Blagnac airport is served by public transport to Toulouse town center. When you arrive at the airport, go to exit of "Hall B", that is were all the busses and taxis are waiting. Standing outside the airport, on your right hand side you find an entrance "tisseo" right next to the exit. You can buy a ticket for the shuttle bus (navette aeroport) to the center there for 5.50EUR. They should be able to tell you were the right bus is too. You can also buy a ticket directly in the bus, but you need exact change. The right bus is the one that says "Gare Routiere" on the sign.

Take the shuttle bus until the second-to-last stop "Matabiau SNCF". When exiting the bus, you should be right next to a small canal (canal du midi). Cross over the canal (eastwards) towards a big 1800ish train station building. Right after crossing the canal, turn right (south) and follow along the canal. After some 500m between the canal and the railroad tracks (those are sometimes behind the buildings) you should see the Kyriad hotel on the left hand side. The Hackfest location is right across the canal.

More information on .

Don't Forget

  • Your laptop
  • A recent build of LibreOffice
  • A network-cable
  • A Switch/Router
  • A powerstrip
  • A towel. ;-)


Please add yourself to the list as early as possible, so we can plan travels and budget.

  1. Arnaud Versini (arnaud) : Organizer
  2. Michaël Lefèvre (lefevre00)
  3. Bjoern Michaelsen (Sweetshark) (staying at Kyriad Toulouse Centre)
  4. Michael Meeks (mmeeks)
  5. Markus Mohrhard (moggi)


  1. On friday, evening meeting in restaurant (TBD)
  2. Starting at 9AM on Saturday, finishing on 7PM
  3. Starting at 9AM on Sunday finishing on 5PM

Friday restaurant

Restaurant needs to be defined, current participant from Hackfest :

  1. Bjoern Michaelsen
  2. Michael Meeks
  3. Markus Mohrhard


Bug List

If you're attending the hackfest, add your name next to what you might like to work on and feel free to add bugs.

Discussion Topics

If you're attending, feel free to add to the list.

  • ...

Ideas from the Crowd

Feel free to add some.

  • Low-hanging fruit: Recently Caolán implemented the possibility in Writer to print PDFs with comments inside the margin. However, this is limited for printing and, so far, no one has touched the PDF export dialogue yet. Like printing, PDF exporting of documents with comments is a very common use case. Hence, this new feature is not available in the PDF export dialogue, although the feature itself is actually implemented. Caolán describes the (for users complicated) work-around that it is necessary to activate it in "Tools" > "Options" > "LibreOffice Writer" > "Print". There is currently no way to activate/deactivate it from the PDF export dialog. Please see tdf#77650 for details and a sample .ui file how it could look like. This feature is a low hanging fruit as it seems to involve mostly a small change in the UI.


Participants have to book their hotel room. Closest hotel is available on .

Travel Bursaries

The Document Foundation may be able to refund tickets to and from Toulouse Hackfest, after prior approval by the organizers, under the following conditions:

  • transportation and accomodation as available on location. You are encouraged to share a two-bed room with a fellow hacker if this is easy to organize and coordinate, but this is not a hard requirement.
  • volunteer-first - people affiliated with a company involved in LibreOffice work will come last
  • first-come-first-served - participants will get reimbursed in order of their sign-up on the wiki attendance list, until budget runs out.
  • ask the organizers as soon as possible (ideally right before booking) if budget is still available. Be aware of the fact that tax law requires us to collect original receipts, so please keep them (or hand them in right there in Paris)

Please be economic and pick cheap travel - flights to Toulose should still be available at a reasonable price.

For those who attended: If you'd like to request a travel reimbursal, please follow the HowTo at TDF/Policies/Refunding for the SPI refunding, and mail with your documents.


  • tdf#85542: fix DOCX import of overlapping bookmarks and write a unittest for it -- gerrit (Sweetshark)


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