Helper script for parallel installs

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If you're using parallel installs of LibreOffice, this script helps you run the program easily, without scribbling-over the settings in your primary user profile.

How to use the Script

Save this text in a file called at the top-level of a LibreOffice install

  • For a GNU+Linux install, this will be at the same level as the DEBS/ or RPMS/ directory
  • On macOS, this will be alongside the Contents/ directory.

Make the script executable:

chmod +x

And run it from the terminal:


The Script

# Helper script to run the LibreOffice executable in a build.
#  - Robinson Tryon <>
#  - Miroslaw Zalewski <>
# This script is handy because it sets up some environmental
# variables, etc.. to make the build run properly and avoid making
# changes to your regular user profile.

echo "-----------------------------------------------"
echo "  Welcome to the Wonderful World of Frogs!"
echo "-----------------------------------------------"
echo ""

# Choose a profile directory as the build dir.

echo "Starting LibreOffice"

export LIBREOFFICE_BINARY=`find . -name soffice`

$LIBREOFFICE_BINARY -env:UserInstallation=file:///$PWD &

echo "----------------------"
echo "  Helper Script Done"
echo "----------------------"