Localizing a macro or script

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In LibreOffice most of the interactions with the user are handled by the Dialog Editor or inside extensions. However, some situations exhibit extra translations needs detailed in this page. Along with different perspectives, different solutions are applicable. Decorrelating macro/script code from translated content is the focus of this page.


These conditions are categorised according to user stories, scripting languages, macros storage location.

Use Cases x-Language Support Location agnosticism
  • MsgBox, InputBox, Print
  • (File/Folder)Picker
  • StatusIndicator, InfoBar
  • Password input
  • Building dialogs with macros
  • Runtime errors
  • Basic
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • etc …
  • Personal
  • (Shared)
  • Embedded in document
  • Extensions

LibreOffice Basic




  • Weblate
  • Resource Resolver
  • RDF

Dialog Editor solution