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The following macros can be used in at least two modules of LibreOffice.

LibreOffice Basic Python JavaScript
Screen I/O localisation - WiP
with InfoBar example
Running Python Interactive Console n/a
Getting Session information n/a
Identifying the operating system n/a
Screen I/O Functions Input/Output to Screen
Opening a Dialog n/a
Creating Event Listeners n/a
Monitoring Document Events n/a
Creating a Dialog Handler n/a
Download To File n/a n/a
Get unformatted text from clipboard n/a n/a
Delete unused styles n/a n/a
Display the date & time a file was created or last modified n/a n/a
Calling a Python script Calling a Basic script n/a
Importing Python modules n/a

LibreOffice Basic

Refer to LibreOffice Basic Help for using Basic as a macro language.


Refer to Python Scripts Help for an introduction to Python as a macro language.


Refer to JavaScript macros - xlated from japanese - for an introduction to JavaScript as a macro language.