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Hi, everyone I need to translate this page. There is no Trasnlate link. I tried to create a Spanish page and then translate the code there. I believe you erased it. Please set the Translate link here! LobaLuna 2020-08-15T03:12:08 (UTC)

You can do it. Please see, how I narrowed things down in
Follow the general instructions in TDF_Wiki/Multilingual#Content_with_global_focus
--Beluga (talk) 2020-08-15T05:47:30 (UTC)

One row has columns interchanged

Hi, community, Beluga, and FuzzyBot

The row with 'Calling Python|Basic script' has its columns misplaced. I already tried to change them, but I suppose you noted that I did something wrong… So now it's up to you ;D;D;D