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   <christoph_n>    Agenda can be found here:
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   <cloph>    (ping for today is 625 - for all who joined in the meantime/didn't look at the wiki that was just updated)
   <christoph_n>    Topic 1. Release preparations for LibreOffice 3.3 (Florian) --> might be skipped without Florian
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   <sophi>    christoph_n: I'm in the call but without micro, I've made a very rough feature list that I can send or add to the wiki
   <christoph_n>    Cool!
   <sophi>    hello ! :)
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   <jza>    there is RC4
   <sophi>    we are in RC5 and in testing period
   <jza>    RC5 yesterday
   <jza>    so the launch is within next week
   <jza>    for beta of course
   <MarcPare>    sophi -- my email address is -- Marc
   <sophi>    MarcPare: ok, I'll send you the list, it's base on developers weekly reports
   <christoph_n>    Topic 2: Server for surveys within LibreOffice / The Document Foundation, infrastructure preparations (Christoph)
   <MarcPare>    Thanks Sophi
   <jza>    Will the surveys be permanent or on demand?
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   <sophi>    christoph_n: it's also interesting because Limesurvey handle internationalisation
   <MarcPare>    Great, that was my next question.
   <cloph> is available at the silverstripe install - for simple surveys, that can be used...
   <christoph_n>    3. Work on a slogan for the first LibreOffice release (proposed on the lists) Slogan Wiki page (Christoph)
   <_rene_>    sophi: and there will be a rc6 ;)
   <christoph_n>    sophi: What do you think about a slogan?
   <sophi>    christoph_n: I added mine on FB : even a grand'ma can commit to LibO ;-)
   <cloph>    (for reference/the minutes - multi-step/pages forms are also possible, but require a little bit more work (and cannot be done from within the cms alone, but requires writing some code): - so when it gets that complex, I'd think using a dedicated survey software (and plugging it in with colorbox or something similar) is the way to goo in the long run)
   <christoph_n>    sophi: Advertise on the users list? Or ask italo first?
   <sophi>    christoph_n: ask Italo imho for basic direction
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   <sophi>    have you already drink bissap ? it's African
   <sophi>    it's made of hibiscus flowers and very tasteful :)
   <christoph_n>    sophi: mmmhhhhh
   <christoph_n>    What color? Does it meet the requirements of the LibO branding?
   <christoph_n>    Topic 4: Current branding / artwork status (Christoph)
   <yorick_>    Just add to the mix that I'm very keen on Lucas's design as a basis
   <christoph_n>    Topic 5: Web site(drew)
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   <christoph_n>    Graham_L: Are you in the call?
   <Graham_L>    I can't unfortunately
   <Graham_L>    No local number
   <Graham_L>    would cost me a fortune :)
   <christoph_n>    Graham_L: Well, okay, sorry. There will be some minutes.
   <Graham_L>    and not the best on dialup
   <davidnelson>    got skype Graham?
   <sophi>    Graham_L: you should try skype, we can discuss this together later if you would like ?
   <Graham_L>    It's always been the problem with phone confs, good for those close to the centre
   <sophi>    Graham_L: not with skype
   <Graham_L>    Skype on Dialup is problematic
   <Graham_L>    unreliable on an international connection
   <davidnelson>    i was saying that you had lots of good comments to take into account about the website front page, Graham...
   <Graham_L>    Is OK, I've learned to live with it, I'm getting close to a broadband solution :)
   <Graham_L>    davidnelson, Heh, it's history repeating ;) But with the advantage that we don't have to take into account existing infrastructure
   <sophi>    Graham_L: they are currently discussing the target audience of the pages on the site, content and stucture
   <davidnelson>    i think you could maybe do a sketch of a front page as you visualize it
   <Graham_L>    Cool, The coarse filtering that we worked out on the OOo frontend redesign was about as good as it gets
   <Graham_L>    Main thing is, get the user to the destination that suits their needs in 15 seconds or less
   <cloph>    ( )
   <christoph_n>    cloph: Thanks!
   <Graham_L>    whether it be newbie or developer, one off user or long time community member
   <olorin_>    cloph: Yep, that looks more like what todays users expect.
   <Graham_L>    cloph, love the language selection
   <Graham_L>    Yep loads like greased lightning
   <sophi>    yes, the site is very easy to manage, it's a real real pleasure compared to CEE ;)
   <olorin_>    Hehe, well, making the page width dynamic might be an idea.
   <olorin_>    sophi: Feast your eyes on this site:
   <Graham_L>    olorin_, it doesn't actually matter a lot, the user should only be there for 15 secs and it should be limited in links 10 at the most
   <Graham_L>    and 5 of those on the link bar
   <Wheatbix>    I must go
   <sophi>    olorin_: ouch, incredible!
   <olorin_>    Graham_L: Yep, a clean front page.
   <Wheatbix>    I am sure I will talk to you all soon
   <cloph>    (cudos for creating the structure-dummy pages doesn't go to me, but rather to Stefan and others though :-))
   <olorin_>    sophi: Hehe.
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   <Graham_L>    olorin_, holy crap!! :D
   <olorin_>    Graham_L: Hihi, yes, it's really terrible.
   <olorin_>    Let's say we don't do it that way...
   <sophi>    cloph: can't we change from 'your browser tells your language is fr, to your language is french?
   <christoph_n>    AndyFitzsimon_ArtworkProposal_web.png
   <Stefan_W>    christoph_n: can we get the official logo (branding quidelines !) on the top of the website, please ;-)
   <christoph_n>    Stefan_W: The new website?
   <cloph>    sophi: That script currently is still an external one, but sure, in future it can be changed - just a matter of feedback/whether we want such a thing at all
   <Stefan_W>    christoph_n: Yes
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   <Graham_L>    sophi, That would be better, warmer feel
   <sophi>    cloph: I thinks it could be useful, but the code language doesn't say anything for most of my neighbours :)
   <olorin_>    christoph_n: You look scary... ;-)
   <olorin_>    Graham_L: geolocation rather than browser language maybe?
   <Graham_L>    olorin_, LOL, It reminded me of the scary starry eyed penguin splash screen that mandrake used back in 09 I think :D
   <Graham_L>    That wouldn't work in South africa
   <Graham_L>    or India
   * cloph    doesn't own a phone with web-access :-) - but there is (and yes, css can always be modified, added/adjusted...)
   <olorin_>    Graham_L: Hmm, ok.
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   <Graham_L>    Ithink OOo has 11 localisations in SA
   <Graham_L>    a similar number in India
   <Graham_L>    Charles woul be more accurate about that than me
   <christoph_n>    olorin_: I am :-)
   <sophi>    I get the Russian site on my smartphone, and it looks good
   <Graham_L>    christoph_n, :D
   <olorin_>    cloph: Well, it does look a bit stupid when on a wide screen.
   * cloph    has a 16:10 screen, but never use my browser in fullscreen mode, I prefer "portrait" aspect for my browser :-)
   <cloph>    (1680x1050 on the desktop)
   <olorin_>    1920x1080
   <Graham_L>    same as olorin_
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   <cloph>    For those who want to modify the css and stuff/play with it locally
   <olorin_>    Well, let's get the general feel in place for now and add this later.
   <Graham_L>    Will do, I got my right hand back yesterday so I can actually get back into things
   <olorin_>    Too much sword slinging?
   <Graham_L>    typing up a storm after being stuck with lefthand only for a month
   <Graham_L>    LOL, no, too many dangerous toys in the man cave
   <Graham_L>    Or at least thats what my wife says
   <olorin_>    Aw.
   <Graham_L>    :)
   <sophi>    skype has ejected me, so see you later, I need to go any way :)
   <Graham_L>    Good to see you sophi
   <Graham_L>    Bye
   <MarcPare>    Cya
   <sophi>    Graham_L: thanks :) bye
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   <Graham_L>    MarcPare, why am seeing the wordy page on the drupal test site, I like the graphic a lot better
   <christoph_n>    Topic 6: Mission statement for LibreOffice? (Marc)
   <Graham_L>    Please make sure to recognise the difference between "Vision" and "Mission Statement"
   <Graham_L>    Two entirely different things. Vision= where we see ourselves in the future
   <Graham_L>    Mission Statement = how we intend to get there
   <Graham_L>    simpliified of course
   <christoph_n>    I know :-)
   <Graham_L>    Excellent
   <christoph_n>    We are currently talking about whether this mailing list discussion is helpful ... and we talk about your contribution (in the past).
   <christoph_n>    That is why I would like some good (and structured) approach to get there. I speak for myself, of course.
   <Graham_L>    My ears are burning! ;)
   <MarcPare>    Vision and Mission tie in to the branding as well
   <Graham_L>    Indeed
   <Graham_L>    christoph_n, Structured process is good, with a dedicated small team
   <MarcPare>    I am just telling on concall that you are interested in this aspect of LO
   <Graham_L>    Maillist chaos can be problematic especially when you can't type :D...
   <christoph_n>    Graham_L: You may have some clue how hard it was to come up with something for the TDF team ... weeks ... and help from a small team :-)
   <Graham_L>    Now I'm wearing my keyboard out, bit like the unchained tiger
   <Graham_L>    Oooooh believe me I do
   <davidnelson>    i lost the call brb
   <MarcPare>    K
   <Graham_L>    It's not an easy thing to do, big branding companies will sometimes work on such a thing for weeks with a team
   <MarcPare>    Yes.
   <Graham_L>    It looks easy, but it ain't
   <Graham_L>    Ack coffee is empty BRB
   <MarcPare>    Christoph is saying that OK to work on mission statement
   <MarcPare>    maybe Graham you could join that thread then?
   <MarcPare>    TDF roadmap has a mention of this -- working on the mission ok
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   <Stefan_W>    christoph_n: Bravo! :-D
   <Stefan_W>    :-)
   <christoph_n>    Thanks all for participating (with or without microphone).
   <christoph_n>    See you next time!
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