LibreOffice Bay Area Meetup 2013 in Mountain View, California

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On May, 11 2013, the first LibreOffice Bay Area Meetup will take place in Mountain View, California. This event is kindly supported by the members of the Hacker Dojo. We will start at 14:00 (2 pm) local time.

Venue: Hacker Dojo


The venue is the Hacker Dojo. We are also registered in their event calendar.

approaching the venue by car

map of location

approaching the venue by public transport

lodging tips


Please add your name and e-mail address to this list in case you want to participate. We will use this list for planning and logistics.

Note you dont need to write a fancy bio, we just added one to give you an idea who we are! ;)



I joined Canonical in February 2011 and before that was with Sun/Oracles team since 2008. With joining Canonical, I also moved over to LibreOffice and over time became a member of the engineering steering commitee for LibreOffice, a Deputy Director on the Board of the Document Foundation, a member of the certification committee of the Document Foundation and Ubuntu maintainer for LibreOffice.

Bjoern Michaelsen is a currently employed by Canoncial Ltd. and is responsible for the packaging for LibreOffice on Ubuntu. He joined the company and LibreOffice development in February 2011, coming from Oracle (and before that Sun), where he was working on the same codebase for a few years in the Writer/Framework area. Starting at and finishing it at LibreOffice, Bjoern lead the cleanup and simplification of the build system for LibreOffice from its historic baggage. Having seen both sides of the fork -- from inside the cathedral-cultured forked project and the early days of the bazaar-cultured forking project -- gives him unique insight in what works and what might not work so well in such a scenario. He achieved his diploma in Physics at the University of Hamburg and already started contributing to various open source projects while still being a student.

  • Simon Phipps

Phipps is extremely well known in the computer and digital industries as one of the world's biggest advocates for open source. He currently works as an open source activist and is the President of OSI (the Open Source Initiative), an organization dedicated to promoting open source software.

Prior to this, he worked at IBM, Open Rights Group and Sun Microsystems. He achieved his Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Electronic Engineering at Southampton University. His education coupled with his experience makes Phipps an expert in his field.


  • Alison Chaiken
    Organizer, member of Hacker Dojo


Usually LibreOffice Hackfests mostly run as a unconference, delightfully void of preset rigid structure. As this event is starting bootstrapping the area/region, it might be worthwhile to have a bit more structure that usual. Still: if exciting new opportunities arise during the event, we will not let them go to waste ;)

Preliminary Timetable

  • 14:00-14:45 Foundations vs. Empires -- talk and Q&A (Simon Phipps)
  • 14:45-15:05 Lightning talk introducting LibreOffice, The Document Foundation, the universe and all the rest in 20 minutes (Bjoern Michaelsen)
  • 15:05-15:45 free for all Q&A session about LibreOffice/TDF and all the rest with Bjoern/Simon
  • 15:45-17:00 Hands-on session: Easy Hacks: How to get involved in LibreOffice development (Bjoern Michaelsen)
  • from 17:00: opportunity of a more in depth discussion of details (possibly moving to a Coffeeshop close by)


Its only three hours, and unfortunately Italo will not attend, so we have to survive without Pasta Hacking or Bavarian Single Malts as they are custom at european LibreOffice Hackfests. ;)


  • add topics that interest you here ..