LibreOffice Funding Priorities List

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    Welcome to the LibreOffice Funding Priorities List

    This page is a list summary of funding priorities as discussed by various mailing lists. From this list, it may be possible to create a distilled list of priorities that could be used in future funding drives.

    Please do not add to the list until you have properly discussed any item with your mailing list team members.

    Mailing List Teams

    Accessibility Team

    • As LibreOffice Accessibility is a barrier to the acceptance of LibreOffice in many governmental/educational/institutional systems worldwide, would it reasonable if there was a funding request for dev outsourcing for a particular area of accessibility where code development is lagging

    [Lead: Accessibility Team][Cost: Uknown]

    Developers Team

    • proposed funding item

    Design Team

    • proposed funding item

    Documentation Team

    • proposed funding item

    l10n Team

    • proposed funding item

    Marketing (Global & US) Team

    The marketing team had a discussion of this topic which may be found on the list here: [1]

    • Marketing kits for strategic locations (under-serviced areas of the globe) for conferences/meets etc. The kits would include:
      • banners for booth (2 banners, one for the back wall and one for a side wall)
      • one retractable banner
      • table cloth
      • SWAG (whatever we can get at a reasonable cost at the time of purchase)
      • 2-3 printed copies of "Get Started with LibreOffice" with promotional cards detailing where to purchase copies on-line
      • LibreOffice DVD's (50 localized copies) and ability to burn any other additional copies with the help of a booth-computer.
      • supply of brochures -- tri-fold

    [Lead: Marketing Team][Costs pending -- depends on the source, the marketing team will submit an approximate cost]

    • -----
    • Small fund for direct advertising in strategic media in a region of the world where there is an identified lack of use of the LibreOffice suite. For example, in Canada, there is an annual conference "Teaching and Learning Innovations Conference"[1] where a $50 advertisement in their programme may prove to be more advantageous in promoting the suite for educational use. Many of the top educators in Canada meet at this conference. We could propose a certain amount of money be put aside for direct advertisement for identified regions. So, expanding on this, Canada would perhaps get 3x$50 (if this is the maximum cost of advert we would estimate as appropriate). Then we could leave it up to the Canadian leads to decide whether to publish 3 separate ads or if they think more appropriate to spend 1x$150 instead. Embedded in a plan of a determinate time, with some follow-up, contact offerings, as well as requiring a report of the success/failure of the endeavour from the team in charge.

    [Lead: whoever is responsible for that regions][Cost: depending on the media]

    • -----
    • Print-media marketing for medium to small languages -- It would be really good if there was a small budget that targeted small to medium language print media. Not technical print media but "normal" print media. Especially in smaller languages there are usually some quartely or monthly magazines in publication which don't charge a lot for taking out an add but it would really stand out to see a software house advertise "in your language" in the small/medium ones - something that usually doesn't happen. You could develop a standard add and put it up for localization on Pootle and I'm sure the teams could suggest good places to put the add. For small/medium languages, more "website" wouldn't really do it because you'd have to know it's there before you search for it...

    [Lead: whoever is responsible for that regions][Cost: depending on the media]

    • -----
    • Buy a sponsored link on Facebook

    [Lead: Charles][Cost: ???]

    • -----
    • Fund more marketing meets in the US, fly in some people from the TDF/LibreOffice to present. This is of a larger funding request that was discussed shortly. Putting this on the list as a placeholder and to inform of the need for this type of funding. You can find the short discussion here (Please read through the following 4 messages on that thread): [2]

    [Lead: Marketing Team] [Costs: depending on the event, venue etc.]

    • -----

    Moderators Team

    • proposed funding item

    QA Team

    • proposed funding item

    Website Team