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LibreOffice User Support

Free User Support

User support list for LibreOffice:


Digest subscription:

Archives: [1]

  • This support level is suitable for individuals, SOHO, and organizations that want per incident support

  • This support level is most suitable for small and medium business;

  • This support level is most suitable for medium to large businesses.

  • This support is most suitable for large businesses. This level of support provides customization of the program, to the specific business requirements.

  • This support is for individuals or organizations that are migrating to LibreOffice from either no software, or any other software.

"Something that would be nice to have, would be a public wiki that covers virtually everything that Level 1 and Level 2 support would need to know.  Something that was designed so that the end user that knows nothing about the program, could find an answer, without having to make a phone call, email a question. -- jonathan" -- posted by Marc

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