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This page is about the Summary (aka Subject) field in Bugzilla.

While writing a bug report, in the "Summary" field (also known as the Subject):

  • Do not include information already known from the selectors.
  • Be precise.
    • Bad example: "File is broken"
    • Better example: "Menu File > Save as not available (greyed out)"
  • Avoid short forms like "doesn't" or "isn't" to ease queries for strings in the Summary; instead, use the full form, such as "does not" or "is not".
  • If the problem written in the report is that LibreOffice crashes or stops responding ("hangs"), add the word CRASH to the Summary line ("Heading" of the bug), so that these bugs can be tracked easily.
  • Include the names of subcomponents from Components.
    • Make the subcomponents uppercase (for example, FILEOPEN)
    • If the subcomponent can be confused with parts of a word (for example, UI is part of the word quit), surround the subcomponent with square brackets
    • Use at most two subcomponents
    • Use subcomponents exactly identical to the letter, but you may integrate them into the subject line sentence like "WIKIHELP [UI] not available in all languages"