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    This page summarizes our Policies and Procedures for users interacting with Bugzilla.


    Our aim is to do everything that is possible to ensure an open & friendly atmosphere which encourages collaboration around the world.

    We previously had a set of Policies and Procedures specific to the QA team and how we communicate and interact on Bugzilla and elsewhere.

    However, we now have Code of Conduct (CoC) that applies to all the projects hosted at The Document Foundation and their communities, so please refer to that one from now one.

    Please feel free to contact the team on the QA/Mailing List if you have any concerns or comments, but for any comment about the CoC itself, or to report behaviour inconsistent with it, please refer to the CoC website.

    Policies specific to QA

    On top of the CoC, we ask you to abide to the following QA-specific guidelines:

    • All comments and bug reports must be in standard English. If this is an issue, please go to your locale mailing list and ask someone to translate, or use an automatic translation service like LibreTranslate.
    • Please don't continuously change a bug status despite input from developers or QA team members. If you have an issue with how another contributor proceeds with a bug report, you should open the discussion on the QA mailing list and wait for additional feedback instead of perpetuating the conflict.
    • Do not spam your report with comments to attract attention to it.
    • Do not create duplicate reports to attract attention to your issue.
    • Do not attack QA staff for their decision of priority/status – friendly conversations are welcome but attacks are not.


    Apart from the formal CoC report procedure that can be initiated by any contributor, QA contributors with administrative rights might take action as follows when guidelines are broken, depending on the severity:

    • a comment in the report, to directs violator(s) to this site
    • an email sent to the violator, TDF BoD may be CC'ed to maintain a clear record of actions taken
    • a temporary, 24-hour ban from Bugzilla
    • a permanent ban from Bugzilla

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