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Meeting of the QA Team
Date 2012-11-03
Time (UTC) 1300
Chair Bjoern Michaelsen
Secretary Bjoern Michaelsen
Started 1300
Adjourned ??
Participants Bjoern, Florian R., Petr


No formal agenda prepared due to conference, open call to discuss anything


Warning: Notes may not be formatted quite right, original minutes can be found here:']

  1. structured manual testing (Yifan?):
    1. MozTrap was quickly and ad-hoc demoed at the LibreOffice conference, found quite some interest (QA and RelEng Roundtable)
  2. bug wrangling:
    1. bugzilla with OpenID would still require registering
      1. that kinda defeats the purpose, any other ideas?
    2. skip HardHack selection, devs were almosty all at the conference last week (or swamped with preparations)
  3. community building/communication (Cor?):
    1. Florian did some awesome work to make server installations (and thus master testing) on Windows more accessable:
      2. blocked by tdf#54304
  4. AI:take this to the ESC/Andras (Bjoern)
    1. the newly donated virtual machines should be used allow users to remotely login and test master
      1. intended to be combined with bibisect
      2. a lot of setup work though, still off a few months
    2. Florian came up with this work, to improve the quality of filed bugs:
      1. BS%2520API.jpg
      2. originally intended to be implemented inside LibreOffice (Florian)
    3. brainstormed at the german QA weekend
    4. would allow easy testdocument inclusion in upload
    5. safe detection of version and OS
    6. would be localized
    7. stats show already 50 unconfirmed bugs/month since the last cleanup
    8. multiple issues with implementing this inside LibreOffice itself (Bjoern):
      1. privacy
      2. proxy/connectivity settings (e.g. corp. firewalls)
      3. resources/assumed hard to find a volunteer for
      4. we cant adjust old and released versions
  5. AI: take to the ESC still, to prove the assumption (Bjoern)
    1. maybe better to extend a webbased solution for that (Bjoern/Petr)
      1. OS and version can be encoded in the initial "file a bug" url
      2. updateable and localizable
      3. no 'automatic' inclusion of docs, but that is tricky anyway from a privacy POV
      4. while our current infra team is stuffed with work, its in general easier to find talent for this kind of work (and maybe grow the infra team)
      5. in theory, it is possible to make the BSA file bugs without the reporter registering (Petr/Bjoern)
        1. file them from a [hidden email] account
        2. add a bsa-reporter:[hidden email] field in the whiteboard status
        3. add some procmail magic to the [hidden email] account that forwards to the bsa-reporter
        4. without keeping the original reporter in the loop, bug report quality will only get worse
        5. very hackish approach
      6. the idea to create to send the bug to a mailing list for review instead of blindly creating a bug is interesting (Bjoern)
        1. might help getting more people involved in QA
        2. works with local teams in non-english too
        3. we could do a testdrive of this with those l10n communities that have enough manpower to handle the incoming native language reports:
          1. portuguese/brazil
          2. french
          3. german
          4. english
        4. requires those prescreening the report to be responsive and reliable (thus their teams need a certain size)