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Meeting of the QA Team
Date 2012-10-05
Time (UTC) 1300
Chair Bjoern Michaelsen
Secretary Bjoern Michaelsen
Started 1300
Adjourned 1400
Participants Bjoern, Joel, Thorsten


Original agenda & minutes can be viewed here: October 05, 2012 QA Call Agenda & Minutes

Pending Action Items

  1. Merge 3.5 & 3.6 in one big bibisect repo (Bjoern)
  2. Recheck and tweak bibisect details (Bjoern)
  3. Ping Cloph if we can make that swithcable to say "Bug" instead of "EasyHack" when explicitly requested (Bjoern)
  4. New Bug Hunting Sessions (Cor)

Complete Action Items

  1. Setup hard hack wiki page (Joel)

New Action Items

  1. Structured Manual Testing (Yifan/Petr)
    1. No update
  1. Bug Wrangling
    1. No new hardhacks needed this week
    2. Open/Closed hardhack overview
    3. ACTION: Add closed hard hacks to wiki (Joel)
    4. ACTION: Blog about this (Bjoern)
    5. ACTION: Lead Joel to get his blog on the planet, once he has one (Bjoern)
    6. triaging project update (Joel)
      1. We should poke native language team (Thorsten)
      2. ACTION: Poke Sophie about triaging (Bjoern)
    7. FDO Contract updates
      1. Postponed
  1. Community Building/ Communication
    1. QA Wochenende in Essen
      1. Need more people
      2. Few newcomers
      3. bibisect for Windows very popular
        1. ACTION: Ping Norbert to go forward with it
    1. timebased releases still perceived as a problem
      1. stable is essentially blocked -- it is open for half a year for critical bugs only and hard hacks are the way to communicate those to development without overcommitment (Thorsten/Bjoern)
      2. More testers of master/3.x.0 needed
    1. Marketing storm always hits 3.x.0
      1. Has to be stable enough to prevent backlash
      2. needs to be announced at this point in time to allow early adopters bugreporting
    1. Auto Updater (Windows)
      1. Initial troubles should be solved now
      2. Activate for which minor? 3.x.2/3.x.3
      3. Maybe offer an update button without popup for early-adopters, in addition (pull-model on request, push at .2/.3) (Bjoern)
    1. BSA API
      1. Some reservations
        1. we have no trouble with the number of initial bug reports
        2. too easy bugfiling lowers the quality of reported bugs, creating even more work for bugwranglers.
        3. We are in need of bug wranglers, not so much reporters
        4. Most of "too late bugs" are not "not reported", but "not visible to dev as critical bug"
      2. Instead, we should create a landing page on the end of the BSA?
        1. Confirm bugs
        2. Verify fixed bugs (mostly to motivate more people into running master)
        3. Maybe even have a menu entry in About for that?